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Who is Marko Rubel?

marko rubel

We will give some information about him. He is Real Estate Investor, CEO of Turn-Key Systems Inc, and also Speaker and Author of Business coach. Let us we see about his life story,

His motto is "your goal may not be to fly around in private jets mine wasn't either, and you are probably not driving a Yugo the worst car on the planet, but your goal is or at least it should be to strive to have a better life!"

He believes that money is not the most important thing... happiness, health, relationships are certainly more important "things" in his life, but we had probably agreed that money makes everything a lot better. When we have no stress, our health is better, when we have more time for others, our relationships get better.

His message is, do NOT let “being comfortable" prevent you from achieving a great life - a life where you can afford anything you want and never need to answer to anyone. When he had his corporate job at Sony in San Diego years ago, he felt "comfortable"... his life was good... until he got downsized!

Back in 1994 he realized that if he wanted to have a better life, he’d have to go somewhere else. Croatia is a beautiful country but without opportunity. Unless one is born wealthy or has major connections, the future is not very bright. He was 26 years old, and by then he had tried a few different things to make his life better, but without much success. In 1993 he became the boxing Champion of Croatia for the 3rd time, and that year he was voted the best boxer of the year. Here's a newspaper article about that.

Marko Rubel’s parents were against boxing and always insisted on his finishing school, so between the hard workouts he was studying and attending college. In 1994 he graduated and tried looking for a job, just to get very disappointed realizing that if he was lucky, very lucky he could earn $800 to $1,000 a month with a college degree. The cost of living in Croatia is much higher than in the States, so imagine making ends meet with $800 per month.

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In the meantime, his personal life was exciting. He met a girl by the name of Tammy. He really liked Tammy a lot, but shortly thereafter she left to move to Florida to finish her college. It was a disappointment to meet someone you really like and then they move 4,000 miles away. Little did he know at that time that this was one of those things we call "destiny".

Not long thereafter, after Tammy told him how great America was, he was packing and moving to Florida himself. He had no money at the time, and didn't speak ANY English. However, he had a little car (his second car was a VW "Golf") that he sold and used to get money to buy an airplane ticket to Florida. He was working all kind of jobs to make him ends meet, and at the same time he was learning English. He realized that the only way to get a decent job was to go back to school.

After a few sleepless years of struggle, he found another job with Sony in San Diego. Fortunately or unfortunately, he was downsized 11 months later again.He did find another job in meantime so he could fund his "Real Estate education". His 3rd job was with Nokia in San Diego.

Marko remember back in 2000, there was a deal that took about 30 days from start to finish, buying to selling, and the net profit was $103,000. That night he put the check on the kitchen table and told his wife Tammy...

Real Estate is certainly one of those businesses that have the potential to create rapid and massive wealth, and make me RICH! Now, for over 10 years, "Real Estate has been his business, his passion and he has to say "My life!"

Since 1999 he have bought hundreds of houses and made millions of dollars. His life has completely changed. He said earlier that money may not be the most important thing in life, but certainly he believes that having financial freedom is the most important! He knows that all of you have unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, and now it is the time to take the control of your future and finally start living your dream!

His two most important points:
  • You need to get wealthy:

           You need to stop being stressed about money or worrying about your job or that business that is not helping. Get the control of your life, and live worry free. On top of that basic need... You don't even know what you're missing (I didn't know either). Being wealthy is great! In America, there's so much to enjoy living the good life that you will never know about if you don't get wealthy! And that is not even talking about the absolute need to get your life under control and eliminate the stress from it.

  • You CAN do it and you can have it all:
  •        I have no doubt you can do it. All you need is the decision to move forward and make it happen. (Some of you need to stop making excuses!) The rest is easy and it will happen sooner than you thought possible! Just remember that I could not even speak English, and truthfully my accent is still pretty 'bad'. I've lost numerous opportunities because the potential sellers couldn't understand me over the phone, but that didn't stop me. So, don't let anything stop you! After achieving his dreams and financial security, he has on a mission to give back and help others achieve the same. So far he helped numerous people get wealthy through Real Estate and he certainly has the expertise and experience to do the same for us. When he look back to his real estate beginnings, he can honestly say that one of the biggest obstacles and delays on his path to success were the courses and seminars he took that sounded good and real, but were in fact worthless.

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